The Tire Storage Guy is Toronto's best tire storage service. We Pick-Up and Deliver your seasonal tires, summer and winter, to and from your location of choice, anywhere in the GTA.

Call us at 416.728.8501

Affordable, convenient and easy. Makes a great gift!

Now only $106 per set per season!



1. If you're using us for the first time, just make an appointment with your Dealership or Service Station to have your tires changed over and tell them "The Tire Storage Guy" will be picking up the tires removed so they don't put them in your vehicle.

2. If we're already storing your tires and you call or email us any weekday before 5:00 PM or Saturday before 1:00 PM and give us 2 days notice of your appointment date, we will have your tires delivered the day before your appointment. We will also make arrangements with the service center to pick up the tires removed from your vehicle.



Safe and secure storage.
Accurate and efficient identification and documentation system.
(Customer IDs, tire manufacturer, size, with or without rims, etc.)
Quality, efficient Customer Service.